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~cackled a bit~ Of course not! The idiots never did understand me. My family didn’t either. Not once have I felt regret…although…there was that time when I was torturing little Yuka…there’s a possibility that may have been regret…

(Mod Note: I won’t be able to do drawings for a bit until I get my new Tablet and I’m new to drawing people so I’m not that great and I’m hoping this will help me get better. So just bear with me please ^-^)



((Hello, I am jumping on the bandwagon and creating an ask blog for Naomi, as I haven’t seen any active ask blogs for her. Naomi is not a favorite character of mine, but I do think she deserves more attention and I will try to portray her well. I am also willing to try roleplay with other ask blogs, but be warned that I am unexperienced with roleplay although I’d like to improve if anyone is willing to try with me.))


This bandwagon seems fun o.o I’d join it if I could draw at all anymore >.o

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